Why you need a 6-Pack Macros Coach

The biggest challenge with a fitness and nutrition plan is not necessarily the plan itself, but following the plan. Every time you see an ad with success stories, the people they showcase are the ones that actually followed the plan.

Ever wondered why some fitness programs don’t seem to yield results? It’s often not about the program itself, but how you follow it. The key to success lies in adherence – sticking to the plan. There are two main pitfalls: 1. Deviating from your diet. 2. Skipping workouts. Many nutrition programs falter because they include foods you don’t enjoy, are too strict, or don’t fit with real-life situations like eating out or traveling.

The Solution in Two Parts

The answer lies in two parts. First, your exercise routine should be something you’re actually willing to do and enjoy. The same goes for your nutrition plan – it needs to be realistic and something you follow. The second part of the solution is accountability. It’s challenging to stay disciplined on your own, but having someone to report to about that tub of ice cream or the workout you missed can make all the difference.

Why 6-Pack Macros Works

At 6-Pack Macros, our coaches develop a custom routine of workouts considering your preferences in workout duration, intensity, frequency, and type of exercise. They use this information to calculate the calories you’ll burn through exercise. This, along with your basal metabolic rate, helps the coach to determine the best caloric intake and macros for your goal. They then build a nutrition plan with foods you actually like, ensuring it works even when you’re on vacation or dining out. Our approach includes daily text updates and weekly calls for progress, and our app lets you track your food and weight, providing additional accountability from your coach.

Ultimately, we build a highly personalized program consisting of exercises you’ll actually do and foods you enjoy eating. We make sure you stay on track with regular communication and support.

Once you start seeing results with our program, you’ll be motivated to continue. Signing up with us might just be the decision that transforms your fitness journey!

The best strategy for losing weight: a beginners guide

The best strategy for losing weight: a beginners guide

The best strategy for losing weight: a beginners guide

The best strategy for losing weight: a beginners guide