Pay Structure

Starting Price: $250 per month per client

  • 1-4 clients = 60%
  • 5-9 clients = 65%
  • 10-19 clients = 70%
  • 20+ clients = 75%

Example: Stacy signs up 4 clients in her first month = $1000 revenue. Stacy makes $600 her first month.

Note: Each client takes on average 1 hour per month of time to manage.

Desk fee: $100 due upon officially joining our team. This is fully credited back to you during your first sale. The desk fee covers the following:

    1. Coach Profile Creation – We create a Coach Profile for you on the website. This includes your training expertise, bio, and a personal page where clients either follow you on Instagram or sign up with you.
    2. Marketing Training – We provide marketing training for coaches to help with client retention and acquisition. This includes content creation and social media marketing.
    3. Sales Training – We give sales training on how to handle client objections, prospect, and close more sign ups.
    4. Access to 6-Pack Macros App – The 6-Pack Macros App does 95%+ of the work for you. This includes our macro calculator, customized workout routines, food, weight, and photo tracking.
    5. 24/7 Support – The 6-Pack Macros Team is always here to support you and grow your online clientele in any ways we can. We always make improvements to our systems, and do our best to give our coaches and clients the best possible experience.