Minh Chung


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In high school I was too weak to play any sports, too shy to have many friends and too scared to put in the work. At age 16 I decided to make a change in my life and focus on my training and nutrition. Since then, my life has always been dedicated to self-improvement and becoming the best version of myself. I always strive to be transparent, honest, and tenacious in everything I do and to all my clients. Not only do I educate myself with reading the most current scientific literature on exercise and nutrition, I am currently in medical school to help prevent and treat illnesses associated with obesity, poor nutrition and injuries. Fitness and proper nutrition have transformed my life for the better, so I want to help others do the same. I am certified through the National Academy of Sport Medicine and my goal is to help people around the world transform their lives for the better. With my personalized coaching plan, I am sharing all my knowledge to help you transform your body, your life and your health for the better. What are you waiting for? Click the start now button!


Omar Cadenas

In the first week of the program, I followed everything perfectly and lost 5lbs! I've been doing my best since then and have still noticed more definition and a slimmer waste. Thanks Minh for working with me!

Luisa Gama

My butt started to take shape after only a couple weeks into the program. My legs and hip have gotten more toned and my waist has definitely gotten thinner. I am very happy with the progress and looking forward to continuing with Minh!

Marcos Fernandez

I signed up for Minh’s Program because I needed conditioning prior to starting Bootcamp to be a Navy Physician. His workouts killed me but now I'm 100% ready for the extreme physical demands of the navy. Thanks Minh!

6-Pack Macro

COACH difference

custom workouts
tailored just for you

  • Gym Exercises
  • Body Weight Workouts
  • Custom Home Routines

Nutrition plans

  • Choose foods you already enjoy
  • Build in cheat meals
  • Flexibility to eat out at restaurants

& Accountability

  • Check Ins via text, Facetime, phone
  • Structured weekly routines
  • Adjustments if you fall off course

100% accuracy
not required

  • Results can be obtained if plan
    followed > 80%
  • Face obstacles adjusting to lifestyle

& Inspiration

  • Coaches always there to motivate and inspire you
  • Unlimited access to expertise & advice

Constant monitoring
& adjustment

  • Workouts updated frequently
  • Nutrition plans monitored & updated
  • Track & accurately measure progress